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Warehouse Storage and Distribution

Logistics gives you cold sweats?

Today, short deadlines while offering the same quality of product and service are more and more common. You must also fight to maintain your expenses as low as your temperatures. All in all, it can give you goose bumps. Fortunately, this situation is not insurmountable, because we possess the adequate resources, so you can manage your expenses, your needs and your future. It’s Frigo Royal raison d’être.

Frigo Royal Plus, can offer you savings in space, labor, transportation costs, and many more added value services. We are constantly changing and updating our services to meet the needs of our customers current and future demands driven by a market focused on globalization, while still remaining competitive.

  • Storage of food products, frozen and refrigerated
  • Consolidation
  • Distribution
  • Trichina
  • Import / Export Inspection of products
  • Organization of your products
  • Member of the exchange pallet program at CPC
  • Management EDI inventory
  • Flexible billing, depending on your needs
  • HACCP certified
  • Value added services
  • Business intelligence services
  • Pack design, promotional and advertising services
  • Inspection room for imported meat products
  • Copacking
  • Labelling & Stamping service

Frigo Royal Plus, can offer you a wide range of services and are prepared to adjust to your needs. We are very keen on becoming your partner. Give us a call today!